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Welcome to Michigan Alliance of School Physical and Occupational Therapists


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Virtual Content
  • Virtual conferences
  • special interest groups
  • virtual brainstorming meetings
Staff Directory

Amy Stier – Chair

Christine Reynolds – Co Chair

Sarah Gorski – Secretary/Membership

Tamara Claes – Treasurer

Michele Morgan – Technology Manager

Michigan Alliance of School Physical and Occupational Therapists

Our Mission

We are committed to providing educational opportunities and resources to members, to providing input to the state legislature regarding educational and therapy issues, to disseminating information from the state level to members, and to improving the delivery of therapy services to students in the state of Michigan.

Vital Link

The Michigan Alliance of Physical and Occupational Therapists (MASPOT) was formed as means to meet the non-traditional needs of the school based therapist as well as serving as a vital link between the medical and educational communities.


 MASPOT’S focus is on providing continuing education to its members. MASPOT continues to strive to meet the ever changing needs of the school based therapist through responsiveness to the issues brought forth by its member


Continuing Education Events


September 1st – August 31st




September 15th - October 15th

Virtual Conference

Telehealth in Pediatrics

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August 15th - October 15th

Virtual Conference

Essential Knowledge and Skills
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September 15th - November 15th

Virtual Conference

Interventions Across the Lifespan

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October 15th - December 15th

Virtual Conference

Interventions for Common Childhood Diagmoses

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